Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thursday Thoughts #7 ( on a FRI )

ok so i am going to have to change thursday thoughts because school is in and thursday's are my looonnng days. first off i want to say that i completed my 4 days of cardio this week YAY !!!! and truthfully i'm really believe it has helped with my stress level. school is a beast and yesterday i was seriously considering pushing the wedding back until jan when we will be on winter break. but for now we are going forth! i really want to get married in oct it has so much meaning for us so i'm going forth with my plans i can't let school run my life forever. but if i absolutetly have to push the date back my vendors all know so it will be ok as far as that is concerned.

anyway my thoughts on marriage is about decision making...

Sharing Responsibility for Decision Making

If either of you take on a dominating role and expect to make all the major decisions in your marriage, your marriage will suffer.

"Making decisions should be a shared responsibility. Studies have shown that the unhappiest people in a marriage are often those who have the burden of making decisions alone. In the most successful marriages, decision making is a shared activity."
"Another characteristic of a successful marriage is that both partners are sincerely concerned about the wishes and personal preferences of the other. They are both willing to go more than halfway in reaching mutually satisfying compromises. Decisions or compromises that are made are made willingly instead of grudgingly."
"Sharing decisions means that neither spouse has to be "wrong" or "lose." Both share the results. There is no resentment aroused by the attitudes of "who was right" and "who was wrong." There is the mutual growing together by the sharing in making "our decisions." Source:
Mississippi State University Extension Service
Most of the time we make decisions together and but sometimes i get stuck with it and it sucks because i am a overanalyzer!! what are you thoughts about decision making w/in a relationship?

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