Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thoughts #8

I am on point this week! So my FI and I had a disagreement this week so my thoughts are about fighting fair in marriage and relationships. Here is what I found somewhat helpful.

  1. Deal With The Issue Quickly – don’t let it linger indefinitely
  2. Deal With Only One Issue At A Time – don’t “kitchen sink” your partner by bringing up everything you’ve been upset about
  3. Avoid “Put Downs” and Generalizations – avoid words like “you always, you never, you are always right or wrong, good or bad,” etc.
  4. Listen Without Interrupting – take turns listening and ask questions to clarify what’s being communicated.
  5. Don’t Fight In Front Of Your Kids – arguing in front of your children is child abuse. They don’t want to hear it anyway.
  6. Don’t Bring Up Past Mistakes, Hurts, or Issues From The Past – don’t dig up the past. Stay in the present with the topic at hand.
  7. Avoid Name Calling and Personal Insults – name calling and personal insults might help you to win the argument but may also cause you to lose your marriage.
  8. Make It A “Win-Win” Outcome For Both of You – you can only win if you both win.

Now that I have these little tips I will try to implement them! Off for now I have an exam tomorrow!

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  1. Some of the best advice about fights I've read in a while. Thanks!