Wednesday, September 02, 2009

1 day @ a time: 1 meal @ a time

that's my daily mantra for weight loss. as you know i have been on and off with my weight loss for like 2-3 mths so now I'M BACK! on the AAW Board on TK we have a biggest loser challenge starting on monday so ihave already started back working our and i feel so much better. i have been so stressed with school ( i know already) and finding a house that i really needed an outlet to let off some steam. i have been using the gym @ schoola and not my gym and i love it. i am not fond of cardio and prefer to do strength training but we have TV's at each cardio station with DVDs on them so i don't even need my IPOD i just watch a movie or whatever i can find on that is interesting! it really helps make it through dreaded CARDIO! for the next 2 weeks i am going to do cardio only 4x per week and then start back strength training. the bl challenge runs until the december 15th. game on! hopefully we can all motivate each other.

so far this week i have worked out 3 x - 45 min cardio session on cross ramp elliptical and honestly i'm proud of myself. i only haven eated out once per day instead of 3x per day so that's a step. i have to remember or take the iniative to pack lunch. its hard but i feel ok this time around. i'm more dedicated right now i hope this lasts! wish my luck!!!!

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