Friday, August 28, 2009


I have decided that it is far overdue for me to share some budget tips/tricks from a wedding planner perspective. Ok are you guys ready?? Here it goes... As you know used to be a wedding planner and now I do event design and linens . Check out my website


When choosing you tablescape for your reception- use the linens available at your reception venue if you want to add a pop of color to your table use colored napkins or a table runner!

If your venue does not supply linens and you really want chair covers order them. When you have chair covers you can get table linens that fall half-way and the chair covers will hide beneath the table. No one will never know! Most places uses round tables which is called a 60 inch round, the tablecloth that goes to the floor is called 120" rd so halfway would be a 90" rd. The rental price difference ranges from about $ 5-25 depending on the type of fabric/material you choose. Hey that's a lot of money saved for a bride on a BUDGET!

Here is an example of a 90" round can you tell that the tablecloths do go all the way to the floor?

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