Saturday, August 01, 2009

B-U-D-G-E-T ok i said it....

Tonite I spent some time looking over our budget and our 'wedding breakdown' and this wedding is costing us and our families big time.... I have been thinking of ways to cut some of the cost but really I am coming up short. Where we live it hard to find venues that are large enough to hold ceremony and reception w/out having an outdoor wedding. Though I think outdoor weddings are beautiful and very cost-effective. I am afraid of the weather not holding up. Remember my eParty post. So I ruled our outdor ceremony from the gate..

So I scowered our town to see we could host our wedding in one location well I found a handful of places and off went FI and I. He was sold on our venue on the 1st visit and yet I loved it. It was kind of pricey and honestly I never thought we cold afford it. Well things worked in our favor after we spoke with our parents so we booked the venue which is about half of our budget including catering and bar...

As I have posted many times I am cheap hey I will admit to it. I want a nice wedding but I don't want to spend 20K having it. Sorry to each his own but we can not afford that. We are both college students and are not set in our careers so I am watching our pennies :)

Back to the a bride the 3 most important things for me are:

  1. Photography

  2. DJ

  3. Venue/videography

The least important are:

  1. Invites/programs

  2. Flowers

  3. Food/catering

Don't get me wrong I want cute invites but at the right price! People just throw them away anyway and the same for programs! I will have hints of flowers and that's all. I could DIY the flowers but I don't want to deal with finding someone responsible for it and thankfully I know a florist who can work with my budget. As far as the food is concerned, I want a family style sit down dinner and I want guests to be served not stuffed. If they like it great, if they don't that's ok too. I am really you can't please everyone! The food is FREE! I know this sounds mean but REALLY we have to live after this wedding! I truly want our guests to have a good time and ENJOY our celebration but I do not want to be one of those brides who go overboard! Maybe we should wait until 2011. My FI shut that idea down. Quick! So 2010 here we go! Please take your time getting here I need all the time I can get!!!

I know that we will be OK but gosh this stuff is intimidating sometimes!!!

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