Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Thoughts #6

happy thursday! well this week was the first full week of school and it has been rather difficult and i will be STUDYING all weekend! YAY for me right...WRONG!! i haven't been the greatest FI lately. busy..busy..mee so it got me to thinking about time management in relationships and i wandered to the world wide web and found that time management is one of the seven secrets to a "successful marriage" and really i must agree with this assessment.
"Time management is one aspect of marriage that many are unprepared for. When you’re dating, you have your personal time and your couple time. Marry, move in together, and everything changes. Now, any hour not spent at work or another previously scheduled appointment enters the realm of “together time.” You can’t go home when you get tired of your date. You live with him!"
So now what? How do we deal with all of life's responsiblites and priorites? I have all the questions and no answers ..... those are my thursday thoughts....

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