Friday, August 21, 2009

WE GOT APPROVED! &Thursday Thoughts #5 (on a FRI)

Well since this week has been super busy and I forgot to blog yesterday due to my hectic schedule. I decided not to skip it and wait until next week. So here we are. As you know FI and I are trying to move in together this month. Well the goal was to move in and be settled before school started well that didn't happen. We were planning on buying a house this summer and then taking the summer months to get things ready. Viola be moved in and ready to roll.... NOT

WELL from my recent posts you know that's not how it happened. So this week we found out they we were APPROVED for our loan (YAY:) and we have put a bid on a house that we liked.. We don't love the neighborhood but we like the the house and it's location a lot (big decision right? I know.) I know this my sound silly but our method is if we like it we pray on it put a bid on it and see what happens. If it doesn't work out it wasn't meant to be. Now we are waiting for hear back from our broker/agent. Buying a house and planning a wedding is EXPENSIVE to say the least and WE ARE STUDENTS this sounded like a good idea in theory but boy are we feeling it financially. We were going to wait and just rent but we decided to go ahead with our plans to buy this year and get married next year! Anyway with all that going on it really made me think about how we work as a team....

Thursday Thoughts

Marriage and teamwork are quite similar in many ways. Both take individuals who have different abilities and outlooks on life and put them to working together. In each case, the individuals must learn to sacrifice part of themselves in order to achieve something greater. Otherwise the team will not survive. Married couples are partners and must learn to work together to accomplish goals.

From the past couple of days I honestly feel that FI and I work well as a team we both have our strengths and luckly my strengths are his weaknesses and vice versa. I feel really blessed to have that!!!

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