Monday, August 10, 2009

I'M BacK!!

Ok so I took a few days off from blogging but I have returned! What did I do wedding related? NOTHING! I did set-up a vendor partner program for my company and other business related tasks. I am now packing to move! We are moving in together but I don't know where yet. I know that sounds crazy but we are in between buying and renting so I am doing all the preliminary packing and the such. The one thing about all this is....I look forward to actually living with the man I LOVE! School starts in a few weeks and I am getting my mind ready. I will be starting clinicals this semester and I am EXCITED!!!... I did work out last week without the trainer! I almost forgot about my mother's 50th birthday next month so I have to plan something for that :0 I got something in place I just don't want her to read it. Sometimes she reads this!

While I was looking at other blogs I came across this idea that I find very interesting and I think we will incorporate in our wedding. It's called a "love letter box" the tradition goes like this:

The couple writes love letters to each other. In their letters, they detail why they fell in love with each other and what they really, truly admire about the other person. The letters get sealed up. The point of all this? If, at any point, the marriage is in serious jeopardy, the couple is to open the box, read the letters about why they fell in love with each other in the first place, and drink the wine together before making any irrational decisions. Things needed love letters, a wooden box, and a bottle of wine.

I really like this concept and think it a nice touch to add to our rehearsal dinner or before. Some couples use this instead of a unity candle or sand ceremony!

What do you think?

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