Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If you can recall we went on a cake tasting with Baker #1 and it went very well. Well my mom didn't like the cake from Baker #1 and but she did however like the cake we had at our engagement party which came from Publix so I called them up for pricing and a tasting. On Monday I went and picked up the samples and I wasn't was impressed with their work . I use them all the time for parties and the cake is normally delectable but I didn't really enjoy it and the prices really did beat Baker #1 so needless to say we are still looking for a baker :{

I did enjoy the carrot cake but I wasn't a fan of the chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet!

We will continue our search I am considering calling the venue and see how much it will be to add a cake/ cupcake to our menu.....That's an option. My fav baker doesn't do cupcakes so ... back to the drawing board...

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  1. Ugh to still searching, but that cake looks really yummy. Mmm red velvet!