Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo Session: E.Pics

So it's about that time for us to do our engagement pics and I scheduled our first photo session with this photog that I saw on Craigslist. He is offering free photo session for engagement pics (Epics) so of course I booked him for us but in the interim I booked him for my mom's 50th bday party to see his work. He was offering 2hr birthday party session for $70 including a printable CD. I have this specific location in mind for the session and I want to use the pics from that location for our STDs so I am not sure if I should book our free session for that specific location or just book the photog that we hired for the wedding b/c I know she will do a great job and the pics will come out perfect and we can use the pics for the STDs and use the free photo session for another shot. I thinking I will gage his work after he does my moms party and make a decision from there.

We have discussed this and came up with the perfect STDs and Epics to reflect us and it goes with our theme. I am super excited. Today I noticed my countdown clock and we are only 13 months out and that scares me. So much do with so little time... and I have been doing horrible with my weight loss. I have to stop making excuses. We are a little short of 2 months before we take the Epics so my new goal is to loss 15 pounds by then we are taking them on our 3 year anniversary weekend in October so wish me luck!

These are from a photog that I really like her name is Corey Cagle.

These are from our awesome photog Patty Hallman!

I have to start planning FI's 30th B-day party that's coming up very soon! I want to have something at our new home that way it will be more cost-effective but we may have to rent a facility. It was going to be a Harlem Nights themed event. We have to see how things are looking and go from there.

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