Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NoW WhAt?

I am CONFUSED! I don't really know which way to go! We are planning a wedding, trying to purchase a home or move in together, school is starting in a few weeks and I am OVERWHELMED! This is a lot!!!! i need a little break so I said that I would take a few days away from wedding planning including talking about the wedding, THE KNOT and this blog! I am going to start packing and get business affairs together. I have been eating like crazy it's what I do when I am stressed but I have been working out however, I know I am only burning off the extra calories that I have been eating. SOME PEOPLE DRINK, SOME PEOPLE SMOKE, I EAT :) BB (FI) is great! He is the calm one and I am the worrier so I think we balance each other out! We have some much going on and now I feel like I am at a stand still as far as the wedding is concerned.
I spoke with a DJ today, which as you know is a VERY VERY VERY important factor in this wedding. I liked his personality and energy but I just can't decide if we should give the "green" light or not! We plan to attend an event that he is doing next month from there we will be able to decide. I am waiting on a quote for his pricing. I have a ballpark and he is in our budget so we will see....
Videographer search is not going well at all but I have an idea so we see what happens with that. One of my friends attends SCAD and I going to see what who he knows .....
I am hosting a mixer for my girls and I wanted to do it before school started back but it doesn't looked like we will be moved and settled before that so I plan it for later. We have a tasting scheduled for Sunday so that should be fun. I really don't know what else I should be doing... I am having a moment...that's how I know I need a break!!!
I know that all will be well! I believe in the law of attraction so everything will work our fine! I got a good feeling by this end of this month we will be settled and LIVING TOGETHER ( which will take some getting used too but I LOVE THAT MAN and I CAN'T WAIT)!!!
I really feel better now! Well I am a business meeting in the morning and then off to the gym so GOODNITE and be blessed!


  1. Yes you definitely need some sort of break! Pace yourself because you will burn out very fast. Put wedding planning on hold for a few days, with 14 months to go you have a little wiggle room to get a rest. Good luck!

  2. Realizing you need a break is the first step. It's so easy to get caught up with the hoopla of it all, but yes, with 14 months out, you'll be fine. Take it one day at a time. And good for you with the gym. Can I please have some of that mojo! lol Like you said, everything will come together.

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