Friday, July 31, 2009


I would first like to shot out my new followers. Thanks for joining the ride down the aisle!! I now have 6! Hey I just started blogging at the end of May so I am happy someone else wants to read this!!!!

Anyway lets talk monograms so as some of you know we were all set and ready to use I DO Originals well I LOVE their work but a fellow knottie Mycicybride debut the work of Custom Printable so I checked the site and I liked their work but was still sold on I DO. Well y'all know I an a frugal bride so I started price matching and I DO has a great deal 5 stock monos (monograms) for $15 that's a great deal. BTW you can get 3 for $10 too!! There custome designs are 3 for $30 not bad! But Custom Printables are $8 a piece so I saved 6 bucks! You say aww that's nothing but then divide 6 into .40 = 15 so that is 15 pairs of flip flops!! Now you see what I am saying AND Custom Printables matches prices by 20% so I can great 5 monos for $12 instead of $15 which = 7 pairs of flip flops and 1 flop :o) I LOVE a good deal!!

But we needed pre and post wedding monograms so I was going with the 5 deal. After FI and I picked which monos we both liked **sidebar** he and I both picked 2 and we picked 1 together...that's that compromising at its best baby :) Now back to the story... so after reviewing the monos we both liked they were all post wedding monos so I knew that I wanted to get 3 custom ones made as well. I know.... I know who really needs 8 monograms?? I mean really. I have an answer.....we still needed the pre-wedding monos so those are the ones that we are having custom made from Custom Printables and we picked monograms that we could use for our family stationery and the such so I don't feel bad for have 8 monograms and I will find a place for them all....

Recap: we were originally going with IDO for all of our monos but now Custom Printables are doing our pre-wedding monos and I don't know yet who will do our ceremony and post-wedding monos that's still to be decided. Val from Custom Printables is very talented and great to work with AND she will beat anyone's price by 20% that's a great deal. She has been working on my monos for a few days. I have seen the drafts and I LOVE them. I can't wait to show them off.. SO far so good! Please check her out! She does invites, STDs, monos, and more!!!

Here is some of her monograms!

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