Tuesday, July 07, 2009

what's next?

now that we have colors and some time of 'theme' and a venue. now what? on sunday i went to thrift store shopping . i am a total thrifty. i love it! so while just looking around i found some cute vases and it was only 2 so i'm thinking what can i do with these for the wedding and it hit me...i can use this for the sand ceremony. we are planning on having them engraved but now we may just engrave unity one instead of all of them. i will post a pic once my camera recharges...

we have been working on monogram designs and STDs. we have already decided on magnets and how we want it to look but we need to have someone design them for use. i have contacted a few people for hire. i do originals are doing our monograms and they are on vacay until next week so i will wait to place my order until then.

the DJ that i want to work with is not really returning my phone calls which is not like him at all so i might have to find another one. i have worked with him in the past and he always seemed professional and courteous but he was supposed to send me a contract and references since late june. i am on the fence with him now. i think that vendors are weary with dealing with brides who are planning far in advance. i don't know if that is true or not since we in a recession and all. maybe we shouldn't hire him. i going to give him one more chance before i say NEXT!!

we have an cake tasting appt on thurs so we both look forward to that!! who doesn't like cake..i have to be careful with my diet. maybe we should postpone this appt to later? i will consider it?

IN DIET NEWS: according to the scale at the dr office i have lost 1.5 lbs that was on thurs however when i weighed in yesterday i had only lost 1.o lbs. my grand total is 4.5lbs down. i seriously have to go another 2 days a week to the gym. i'm just going on training days. i have the time and just have to go.

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