Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday Thoughts #1

I decided that with all the talk about the wedding and wedding plans. I need to talk about the most important thing of all...OUR MARRIAGE. My FI and I are not the most religious people but we are spiritual beings and we know where we get our help from. So every thursday I plan to share thoughts about marriage and words of wisdom/insight/poems or whatever I come across that peeks my interest. Enjoy!

The Best Advice for Newlyweds:
  1. Communicate with one another.-CHECK
  2. Break your routine.-IN PROGRESS
  3. Wait to have children.-THAT'S THE PLAN
  4. Save some money.-WE IN A RECESSION! WHO HAS ANY!
  5. Look good for each other.- I FELL OFF BUT I'M COMING BACK!:)
  6. Get a life.-CHECK
  7. Have good sex.- (LET ME GO FIND THE MR:>)
  8. Be ready for the after-the-wedding blues.-LETS HOPE NOT!

I posted these but I don't think that all of these tips are valid for the modern couple. I mean a lot of couples today already have children and are pretty settled. None the less I found it somewhat entertaining. I personally believe that there are not set rules for marriages. I think marriages are relative to the people in them. What will work for me and the MR. may not work for someone else and vice versa. so what your take?

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