Sunday, July 12, 2009

one helluva weekend!!

i don't even know where to start. what started out as a great weekend with fam and friends ended up to be not so good. where do i began....on sat afternoon after spending time with fam, i came home to get my camera to find that our house had been burglarized. i was so shocked! i couldn't believe it. i mean its not like i am unaware that that our neighborhood is not the safest we do live in the hood but i just never guessed someone would break in. i mean we have a security alarm and pit bulls (that stay inside) and everything. the blessing is that we have recovered all the stolen items. the stupid thieves hide the stuff behind a vacant house. i am SO THANKFUL that we got all the stuff back. over 4k worth of electronics! can you believe it ??? we got everything back and the police got a lead on the perks so hopefully they will be behind bars soon! it was a scary situation! needless to say i am moving! FI and I are in the beginning process of buying a house and do not live together but now we just going to get a short term lease some place. not the ideal situation put we deal with the cards that we are dealt.
then to top it off FI and I had a disagreement. so you can imagine i am not in the best place mentally. i got shake it off and as the say keep it movin'...

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  1. Oh my gosh, how scary! I remember when my house was burglarized when I was little. The feeling of fear lasted for days. It's a good thing you'll be moving soon!