Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hodge-podge.. i think that how to spell it :)

we have a little less than 15 months until the wedding and hey for some that's plenty of time..but for me it's just right. we went on our 1st cake consult last week and we received the estimate back and i'm impressed so right now this baker is in the running. we will schedule tastings with 2 other bakers before making the final decision.
today i went apt hunting and that sucks. it so hard deciding this stuff. we have too many options and that's my prob. my head hurts even thinking about it. we only need a short-term lease so that complicates it even more and we have to be settled in by the time school starts. i need to be settled and organized before the semester starts.
i feel like i am wondering aimlessly with the planning. i mean we have been looking at invites and monograms. we already know what we want to do for the STDs. we have decide which photog we want for the e-pic session. and i guess i need to start seriously thinking about the attire for the 'maids. i have a blueprint just not the full concept yet.
thinking about diy invites but i don't know if it really a savings or not. paper, printing, design...
have decided on that one. but we have plenty of time.
IN DIET NEWS: i fell off the wagon..missed my training session again on tues. i will be there tomorrow but my diet has been AWFUL. i have to do better. i have to constantly think about my health and finding that damn dress.

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  1. Yes keep thinking about the dress for motivation. (~_~)