Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bridal Attendant Newsletters!

I made my 1st issue of our wedding newsletter. I used Letterpop to make/ publish and email the newsletter to the girls. It was really simple and they have a variety of templates to choose from. The only drawback it I don't know how it looks when they received it and I can't seem to post the 1st page here. I couldn't just copy and paste so I took pics of my computer screen with my camera that why the quality of the pics are poor. Sorry :( I tried.
Anyway it's 4 pages, The 1st page you can see above- the pic comes from eParty when the girls were opening there "will you be my" gifts also on this is page is date and location information. 2nd page has color info, 3rd page has pics from eParty and the last page had info about upcoming events. I think it looks okay! I will probably try something different for Issue 2! Publisher?
Did you do a newsletter?

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