Sunday, July 12, 2009

one a lighter note..

so will admit that i am the typical girl in the sense where when i get upset/angry/irritated/annoyed or any negative emotion, i shop.. so today i went to micheals and ac moore to look for stuff for the wedding. i was armed with my wallet, ipod and coupons and ready to spend some dough on anything. guess what i brought??? bathroom baskets they are plum i.e dark purple, cute and only $6.99 w/ 50% off so i paid a whopping $6 for both! i probably could have got them cheaper but i wanted to buy something. i will post a pic tomorrow b/c i feeling lazy.
i also saw some invites that have potential. unlike most brides, i could careless about them b/c most of the time they end up in the trash. so i want something that is cute and cheap. i'm going to have to think this one over because i don't know if i want a pocketfold, seal and send, belly band or what? they invite i saw was a pocketfold kit so it had all the bells and whistles and i can always add to it to spruce it up. i know i am far off but hey a good deal is here today and gone tomorrow! decisions...decisions...

i did make one decision...i decided that we are going to have pomander for our flower girls. i don't want them to drop petals b/c most of the time they don't anyway and our FGs are relatively young they will only be 3 yrs old. maybe we need to reconsider that one.. we will decide. here are some pics.. can you tell which one has silk flowers? i think i am going to DIY this project with artificial flowers b/c by the end of the night God will only know where they will end up.

real spider mums

tissue-paper pomander

silk roses


  1. Love Love Love your blog
    God bless both you and your FI

    I will continue to follow and in the future make comments

    BTW, as far as your "diet" new way of life, just take it one day at a time and stay'll be just fine

  2. thanks i'm glad that you enjot it.