Saturday, July 04, 2009


i plan on relaxing all day today. i'm going to head to the family cook-out later but until then i will just blog and entertain myself. so just was looking at martha stewart weddings website and blog and ran across the diy section and started looking at stationery to see if anything is eye catching.

background story about stationery: i personally think that stationery for a wedding is a big waste of money and tress...i am really most of the time it's just thrown in the trash, left on the tables, etc. after pondering over whether or not we should do individual programs and menu cards and yada, yada. i am still undecided...
i originally was going to do one giant tri-fold board and place it at the registration table on it i was going to put all the pertinent info: the left side would have all the info about the ceremony, the middle section would include our heritage pics and memory pics and the right side would include our reception info including menu and seating. that way we would eliminate all the paper and it also personalizes my science background. (a pimped out science project board is basically all it is)

i think that this idea is great but it has a few drawbacks. we have a few cultural elements in our ceremony that some guest may not be familiar with so we planned on explaining them the program and at my FI's cousins wedding she had a mini seating chart in the back of the program that i thought was a great idea because it eliminates escort cards and place cards. we are only assigning tables not seating and finally i wanted a little pocket attached to the program that we can insert the tears of joy tissues. so essentially our programs have to be multi-functional.

so here are some cute program ideas that i want to share with you.
all photos from martha stewart weddings

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