Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wine Anyone???

I decided that I should host a little get together for my girls to mix and mingle. My ManOH and I started bouncing ideas off each other to come up with a theme and we did and I love it... We are hosting a wine tasting! At first we were going to include the guys but I talked to FI and he said they will do something different. cool bean!

I wanted a cook off : top chef style each person bring the fav/siggy dishes and we have a pot luckish. Then we thought about all the cute wine tasting decor that we saw and Micheals the other day and decided on a Bridal Attendant Wine Tasting Mixer! The ladies will bring their fav bottle of wine/liqeuer and I will provide snacks and games...

I put the info in the newsletter so I will wait for responses! I am EXCITED!

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