Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pretty Cupcakes!

My mom, my brother's FI and I are going to a bridal show tomorrow. It should be interesting! This is my first bridal show were I wasn't working the show. As you know we had our first {cup}cake consult and mini tasting! We really liked Baker #1 her personality was great and she was welcoming which I loved. We are like 90% for cupcakes at this point which prompted my interest in making our cupcakes pretty. Here is what I have found:

The cupcake wraps! These are pretty but a little costly! Going avg rate: 10-12 for $13. If I do this it will be DIY project!

Sunflowers are my fav so of course I liked this one!

This is a great idea for DIY wrappers! Just use a paper doily. Way more cost effective I snagged with from Knottie mycicybride from The Knot AAW board. I was going to use (laser cut) scrapbook paper from Micheals. Colored paper liners are also a cute way to dress cupcakes and it's cost effective. These cuties are only $8.99 for 100! Great deal right. I found these at A Cupcakery, they have a variety of liners to chose from in various different colors and prints!

I am thinking that if we do the wrapper we probably won't have a topper. But if we do the liners then we could get on of these cuties that I found on Etsy.

This one is by etsy member Maddie Claire. I would customize our colors and use one the monograms! Cost $7.50 for 15 not bad right .50 for one! This can totally be a DYI project!

I like photo cakes so why not photo cupcake toppers. The top pic is from BugandBoo on Esty. The others are from Etsy seller Vintage Scraps. I really like the bottom pics. I'm thinking that we can do photos of during the course of our engagement and maybe incorporate friends and family pics as well. I will go with the black and white pics. I love the vintage feel.

So what you think? Tough decisions right?

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