Friday, July 03, 2009

Project: Monograms

so the mr and i have started looking at monograms and it's been a task. why? because he wants everything to have a "w" on it. so we are looking at i do originals website comparing and contrasting the pre-made monograms that we liked. we decided to pick 5 pre-made designs and order 3 custom designs. i know that seems like a lot of monograms but i like to have variety and we need different ones for our pre and post wedding events and the such. i also checked etsy and saw a designer i liked there as well but i think that we will stick with i do for now. here are some of the monograms that i liked from i do originals. they also offer a host of other customized items like parasols, aisle runners, corporate logos, etc and they have great prices. i look forward to working with them. *all pics from i do originals blog*
unity candles
aisle runners
cake linens

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