Monday, July 20, 2009

Mini Checks!

I went to the crafts stores after the bridal show, coupons in hand and ready to buy something! So we go in AC Moore and I see 50% of baskets now this sell will probably occur several times before my wedding next year but hey the baskets were cute, sturdy and I wanted to buy something so here are my bathroom baskets.

You can't see the color that great, but you get the jest of it. I got 2 for $6 not bad right! I will add monograms and notes to it later!

I also saw some feathered wreaths that I like for the outside of the ceremony doors. I would like these wreaths with monogram letter in the inside if that makes sense. Here are the pics of the wreath and monograms. For you to get a feel of my vision!

I like the idea if a branched pomander with flowers and feathers! Here are some balls made from branches. While I was there I saw these cute branch breaths that were small and could possible be used for a FG halo!

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