Tuesday, July 07, 2009

i was thinking...

i was just reading another blog on weddingbee and it really got me thinking about the time we chose to get married. FI and i are both in school and we are getting married in the middle of a semester right before fall break. we tried to schedule the wedding so that the HM falls on fall break and we won't miss so many days out of classes. i will be in the semester before i graduate. when we first set the date we tried to set it around times that we are out of school. we both currently work in education so we go to school and work at schools as well.
at any rate... if we wanted to get married on our school breaks it would have to have been mid-december thru mid- jan or mid-may thru early june and none of those times of year were appealing to us so we decided on fall break. now i am getting worried because i don't want to be stress out with school and planning a wedding. i refuse to take the semester off for the wedding or we could wait until 2011 to get married when we both will have graduated...but at the same time i don't want school to run my whole life either. ( i have made so many sacrifices for school)
i personally feel like we can do this as scheduled but i guess after reading that blog i got worried. we may that to take a mini 'moon and schedule our HM for winter break but i really want the HM after the wedding. we will see how it all works out. i will be able to gage next year on how busy i will be at fall break this semester. it should be similar i will be in clinicals during both years. wish me luck.

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  1. Wow I just did a post about this! My FI and I are both in school too. We decided on a summer wedding. Good luck!