Friday, July 17, 2009

tunnel vision

we went looking for invites today (later on that), it was an interesting experience which caused me to think about the total feel of the wedding. i'm seeing clearly.....
we want our wedding to be a reflection of who we are indivdually and collectively! there will be elements that represent us and our families. we want it to be very family-oriented and we want our guests to have a good time. that's why we plan to kept our guest count low and limited to family and close friends. this marriage is uniting 2 families into 1 and although we will create a family in our union. we are the extensions of our immediate family so therefore we want to keep our wedding a intimate affair.

i was reading about setting your budget and how you should pick 3 elements to spurge on (the most important to you and FI) and 3 things that you could careless about or should i say scale down a bit. we will not start a marriage in debt from having a wedding!

here are my top three:

  1. photography/videography- very important to me!
  2. dj/entertainment- i want a great party!
  3. venue-i want it to be a place that we can always come to and visit and i wanted ceremony and reception in the same location!

gotta be for the lo in order to go:

  1. stationery- don't get me wrong i want cute paper but i refuse to pay $5 or more for an invite that will in up in a landfill (not even recycled) not happening..
  2. florist- i am not a flower girl. i want some for accents and that's all folks
  3. cake- i want it to taste good but not $5 per slice good!

the middle child:

  1. dress- i want a dress that fits my personality but i am not willing to pay but so much for it sorry! not happening!
  2. honeymoon- we deserve a nice vacay so i willing to budget a little extra this way!
  3. catering/bar- i want good food and drinks but i don't think we should pay for people to get inebriated! not happening!

what is the most important aspect of you wedding budget?

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