Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Hertiage

The Maasai Bride

We are incorporating various elements in our ceremony to pay homage to our culture and heritage. We are having a libation during the ceremony. We will jump the broom obviously from the title of my blog :). We will have the Yoruba Tasting of the Four Elements and I want to where a Maasai wedding necklace at the reception. I will discuss each of these cutoms later but for now here are pics of a Maasai bridal necklaces.

The beadwork here is amazing!

This is a traditional bridal necklace!


Maasai mothers make these beautiful necklaces, called “engarewa,” when their daughters are to marry. To the basic collar, the mothers add knee-length strands of beads ending in cowrie shells for good luck and wealth. The color of each bead in the necklace is chosen for its meaning in Maasai culture: Red for unity, blood, and bravery; blue for peace, water, and the sky; green for health and the land; orange for the gourds that hold the milk that is offered to visitors; yellow for the hospitality signified by animal skins on guest beds; white for purity; and black for the hardships of life which the bride and groom will weather together. Brides wear these necklaces at their wedding, and when they go to the home of their husband for the first time.

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  1. That top picture is gorgeous! I really love your whole theme! Congratulations!