Sunday, July 05, 2009

l@@k what i found....

i was in Big Lots (BL) the other day and found these little cuties that are going to be perfect for my 'through the years' table numbers signs. it is front and back. from martha stewart weddings line and it is supposed to be a cake topper. Guess how much $2 a piece! That's right folks! i am so excited it is perfect for my idea. i brought 20 along with some other fab finds for my bridal luncheon more on that later.
so here is my take on the table numbers. i am one of those brides that 1. loves the personal touches and details 2. i think that most things should be multi-functional when possible 3. as i stated here don't want to have menu cards on each place setting. *sidebar* i personally think you should only have menu cards for a plated meal anyway and we are either doing...grasp buffet or family style.(budget friendly) i am leaning toward family-style but have to discuss it more with the MR. it goes with our 'theme' details on that later.

back to the subject... at first we were going to name our tables after our favorite movies or sports athletes and then i saw the 'through the years ' concept and was SOLD. our little twist to the concept is...are you ready school days (grades) so table 1 = first grade pics or pics during that age, etc. FI is returning to school for education so i think its a nice touch... i really like this idea a lot.

it has 2 sides. 1 side table number, the other side we will have a short blurb/fact about us that our guests may not know. the story of where we met, first introductions to each other families, etc.

so what do you think?

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