Sunday, July 05, 2009


Well tomorrow we officially book our venue! After searching around our area I think that we are making the right decision. This is a hard decision because orginally I wanted a venue where we could have brought in our own caterer and bar but with this particular venue we have to use the house caterer which is a bit pricey but we love the space. This was some of our criteria:

  • wedding/reception same location-> that alone knocked a bunch of venues off the list because they were not large enough to accomondate
  • venue in near proximity to a hotel -> why? to save on OOTers getting lost and transportation costs
  • indoor/outdoor grounds for cocktail hour-> although I am not the type of bride to risk the weather for an outdoor ceremony ( i love them just too afraid remember my breakdown about the eParty). I would like my cocktail hour outside and we also wanted a location with nice grounds for outside pics
  • venue with fireplace/ fountain
  • most importantly-> WINDOWS I like natural light and had to have a venue with windows

That about does it. What I can say is that I didn't want a space where our guest were crowded and packed together. I also wanted a place that was a blank palette that we could transform. The venue we have selected has all of the features except a fireplace and fountain and the windows are not in the ballrooms other than that WE LOVE IT. So after tomorrow it will be official. I am super excited yet nervous that we have made the best decision.

This is a view from the outside terrace

Inside wall

Was the choice easy/difficult for you?

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