Saturday, September 05, 2009

What's the 4-1-1

Wedding planning has been on the back burner lately. School has taken over but I am still trying to find a fab photog to take our second ePic session. No luck yet we may end up using our wedding photog but I am one of those people who want all their pics and the DVD is an extra $375 and I can't afford it. The alternative is to just order prints which is really not much more cost effective so I have been hitting Craigslist and talking to other's for referrals. My mom's 50th B-Day Party is this sunday and I don't feel like I have everything together. But I'm trying. The photog that we are using for my mom's b-day is the one that is doing our free ePic session in Oct. Other than waiting on taking the pics and getting the STDs designed that's all I have been working on.

Here is a pic of the b-day party invite!

PENDING VENDORS - I have a vendor/ideas in mind just haven't confirmed with them yet! Still debating.....

Invite design

Shop for wedding bands- have FI designed
Shop for dresses - starting in december
Find an officiant -ASAP (start PMC soon)

Right now I am on PROJECT FI's 30th B-Day PARTY!! I have a theme without a venue so I may have to change theme to fit location. I can't design invites without a theme so I am so screwed not to mention tons and tons and tons and school assignments!! Just pray for me.... Off to figure this out and read about pharmacokinetics....

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