Monday, June 21, 2010


Well I woke up this morning on a mission. I wanted to get some things checked of my forever growing to do list. This is what I have accomplished so far today.

  1. Booked bridal luncheon location- 9.26.10 it's tea theme just in case you forgot :0). I can't wait to see the ladies in their hats and dresses. That should be fun.
  2. Reserved a restaurant for the after-wedding brunch. At first we were going to have a BBQ at our home but decided that would be a bit much. So after our guest check out of the hotel we can walk over to a cute little restaurant for our goodbyes and thank you's.
  3. Ordered our photo guestbook from MYPUBLISHER. I couldn't decide b/w them and Blurb and I decided with them because they have a coupon for a free book. It's not really free you just get two books for the cost of 1. So we ended up with 2 guestbooks of both sets of Epics and engagement day photos for $47 and some change including shipping. So I am pleased.
  4. I found a back-up DJ that is cheaper than the one we booked. Its a long story but the jest is that our booked DJ works full-time as a firefighter and police officer and he job is possibly sending him to some training in October and he wanted to refer us to someone we didn't even know so I decided that its best we find someone else. So the pending new DJ is an old friend of mine from college who I KNOW knows music and will do a good job. So now I just need to hear back from the booked DJ. (God please no more DJ drama thanks in advance...)
  5. DOC is almost paid off we have one more payment and her balance will be ZERO! Put the next to the last check in the mail today.
  6. Scheduled a meeting with my seamstress for tomorrow about my reception dress and BM dresses.
  7. FINALLY decided on a date for the housewarming. 07.10.10!!!!

Overall I am happy about what I have accomplished. Tonite I plan on making the invites to the housewarming and grading papers. I need to head to the gym and do some cardio.

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  1. Your housewarming is my wedding day! OK I don't feel so bad about not really having my house together after seeing that it really does take time.