Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm BeAt...

Why? Because I spent all day decorating and shopping. I am trying to finish decorating our home and it a daunting task. Really... it's very expensive buying a house and planning a wedding. SOMEONE save me... I go to Hobby Lobby and I don't know should I be looking for wedding stuff or decorations for the can be hard on a girl doing all that....a word to the wise..DON'T BUY A HOUSE AND PLAN A WEDDING at the same time unless you have deep pockets but I digress.

As you know we purchased our home last October and have yet to have a housewarming and I am the kind of person who doesn't want certain people to come by until the house is at least decent. I know...I know but I am being honest ... We were originally going to have it on 6-12 but I postponed it because the paint issues so now we are shooting for July 10 but its my FIL B-Day so I need to make sure the fam doesn't have any plans.
Anyway here are some pics of my hard work and our 1st HOME!!!

the main bath

the hall

living room


  1. it looks great! love all the colors!

    we are having our housewarming on the 10th too!!!!

  2. Luv what you've done with the place. I got some ideas for our bathroom lookin at yours. late! We bought the house last month and the wedding is next month. I feel your pain on the money thing.