Monday, June 21, 2010

Purple reign.....

no not the Prince song. I am not a big flower person. Some brides love flowers everywhere and I am the opposite. I feel like a hint there...and a sprinkle here....and a dash over there like accents. So needless to say we don't have droves of flowers in our wedding. Now don't get me wrong I get flowers weekly at my home and place them right as you walk through the door because it makes me feel good. I like to close my door to the ugly of this world and see beauty within my home. I digress.

I was flipping through a bridal magazine last week at the bookstore and ran across this pic.

Now at first I was like these have to be artificial. RIGHT? So I go home and google them and behold they actually exist. I call the new florist that we are working with and ask can she get them. I here back from her tomorrow but if so I "think" that I have to have them for my bouquet!!!

As you know my bouquet will have feather's incorporated in them. Here is a pic I found of a fabric bouquet with feathers that was gorgeous at least to me...

Purple roses and feathers...hmmm I may have to see this in action before making a concrete decisions. On another note there is something that I love about this bouquet as well. White and cream is just classic and so beautiful. Man are these some tough decisions.

What kind of flowers are you using for your bouquets??

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  1. Pretty pink roses and baby's breath. I love the delicate look of both.