Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i have completed all the program booklets and invitations. the envelopes are stamped and all i need to do is stuff envelopes and place the address labels that's going to be a job that i do with the girls or my moms. THANKS TO THE MOST HIGH for all things. i also have checks....
  1. i purchased the cameras for the kids "i spy" games and photo wall. i brought 18- 27 exposures disposables for $43.00
  2. i brought 120 sparklers for $21.00 with tax for our send off!
  3. i brought some feather balls, peacock feathers, and boas for the centerpieces. i got the feather balls from my fav store E-V-E-R hobby lobby and only had to pay $7 bucks because i returned some items. the peacocks feathers are orange and i brought 24 for $22 including shipping and the boas were $23 for 14 so all i now need for the centerpieces is some feathers from HL that i am waiting to go on sale.
  4. DJ drama is almost settled he is "supposed"to be sending me make our deposit YEA!!!
  5. Our guest book came and it's LOVELY !! i ordered it like last week and it came today. Pics to come. i used MyPublisher. They are awesome!!!

Overall I think this is a great way to end June and bring on July! Pics to come i was feeling a little lazy tonite. Sorry :0(

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