Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guess who called....

Anita. Who is that??? The photog who took our epics yesterday. I know right... she is wonderful to work with she did our engagement party. The pics on the side of my blog of our wedding party guessed it she took them. I called her up because we have worked with her in the past, her rates are great and she is quick. Our wedding photog is EXPENSIVE and for her to take the Epics and give us a CD to print from would have been around $450.00 so we hired Anita for $85.00. Yea baby!!

Anyway, here is a little background about the our theme for the shoot. Originally we were going to have a change of attire but it was HOT so we decided against it. We were going for something fun and expressed our individual personalities. So the theme is loosely "just you and me".
Why a football stadium?

Because I chose the local fair as the backdrop for the 1st set of pics and it was FI choice for the 2nd session. FI is a huge Carolina Gamecock fan so for him to be on the field was phenomenal for him and it's my alma mater and I am currently working on my doctorate from there as well. So it represents the both of us.. anyway here are some of my favorite pics. It was hard to choose so ENJOY!!

Now for the props and fun shots

His sign says "game over"

My sign says "i kiss better than i cook"

I actually love the way they came out and I am going to get them edited. I really want one more session at the park where we went on our first date. I plan on posting a few more pics tomorrow. Let me know what you think. Now I am going to start our guestbook!!!!


  1. WOW! I love the pictures!!! Yall look wonderful together...