Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Say Cheese...

Today we finally took the 2nd set of Epics. It was awesome!! We had all these props and I just hope that they all came out good on camera. I can't wait to see what the pics look like....we get the proofs back tomorrow...YES you read correctly tomorrow and I can't wait. There were a couple of shots that we didn't get but overall I think we did pretty good. It was HOT out there so I hope we don't like to shiny and sweaty.

In other wedding news...I finally printed the labels for the tears of joy packs and finished that project. The material came in for the BMs dresses and I almost cried when I saw it at the seam tress today. It is so beautiful I can't wait to see the dresses. I have almost completed the invitation belly bands..the invite debut coming soon. We brought the aisle tiles from Home Depot the other day and I started the project but it didn't quite work so I am tweaking it a little. We also are finally going to finish registry by the end of next week.

I have mocked up our memory candle. I just need to print. I have completed the template for the programs and the covers are almost done. I just need to decide on the songs.

  • pick out the girls shoes
  • decide on uplights
  • linens- tablescape
  • finish table numbers
  • decide on photobooth
  • order guestbook once epics come back
  • that all i can think of right now

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