Sunday, June 20, 2010

our venue

I realized that I never shared any pics of our venue so the other day when I was there for an appt I took some pics to share.
Our ceremony and reception are in the same location. In our city it's hard trying to find a venue that can accommodate both in the same place unless you are having an outdoor ceremony. Although I LOVE outside ceremonies I can't really chance it with the weather. Our engagement party was outside and I cried because I was so worried about the weather for our luau bbq.
I took this pic from the 2nd floor where our wedding will be. I took this through a window. I LOVE the grounds. Prayerfully we will get some good shots out here! :0)
This is where our lounge will be during cocktail our. I also want our DIY photobooth in this area if we do it.
Here is the cocktail hour area. We will have a few cocktail rounds inside and outside and the bar will be set-up out here as well. Do you see the windows. I LOVE windows. That was at the top of the list when we were choosing venues.
Behind those doors will be our ceremony. I plan to use monogram letters for the doors. I am currently waiting to here back from an etsy seller now. I want the big 24-30in letters.
Finally here are the doors to the reception. I want to do feathered wreaths on these but at this point I am unsure.
I will post pics of the ballroom after we have our walk-thru and tasting in July.

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