Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i should have used another company to make our monograms or made the order earlier. this weekend is the BM wine tasting mixer and i wanted to work on wedding DIY projects with the ladies and now I probably will not have the monograms to make any projects. That sucks! We can still do the STDs but that's all folks. I am using I Do Originals and they have a 20 BUSINESS day turn around for monograms. I should have read the fine print and I would have had another company do it. Needless to say I will not be using them for any other services that I need in a rush. It's my fault but I am still SAD!!! on a HAPPY note.

The invites are almost completed from the designer and I LOVE them! I have also mocked of some programs but guess what I need the monograms to complete the task. I have my OOT boxes but I need the monograms for that as well. I have my flip flops but I need my monograms, I have my glassine bags but I need my monograms. I just need my darn MONOGRAMS! Well I will just have to wait. Maybe I will postpone the mixer to next weekend and hopefully they will e here by then.

FYI: I even contacted the company to ask of I could pay EXTRA for a rush order and they decline and they are not even a custom design.

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