Monday, February 08, 2010

the dreaded "D" word...

ok unlike most brides shopping for a wedding dress was not my top priority. not because i don't like to shop i LOVE to shop it's just such a hard decision. but i always knew and have decided that i will be a 2 dress bride. anyone who knows me will not be surprised by this...why because i am indecisive and i like what i like....

another BIG reason why i have been reluctant to go dress has to do with my WEIGHT! i have gained a lot of weight during the course of this relationship and yes i am half heartedly trying to lose some but i can't wait forever to order a dress. i am so worried that i won't be able to get the dress i really want and feel comfortable in it b/c of my size.
wedding dresses already run up to 2 sizes smaller than street sizes so that puts me in a large dress. what do i want...i honestly don't know...i do know what i don't want.
  • i don't want to be trendy...but i LOVE mermaids
  • i don't want white for the ceremony...i know SHOCKING
  • i don't want to be uncomfortable... i personally know brides who have squeezed in dresses and fainted
  • i don't want lots of beading or's pretty but not for me
  • i don't want a long train

after searching the internet and looking a bridal mags i know what i like...(at least i like the pics not sure what it will look like on me)....

  • i like a whimsical dress -"feathery "(duh i love feathers) floaty and fun
  • i like draped dresses
  • i like trumpets, mermaids, goddess gowns
  • i like a hint of detailing
  • i like strapless ( how will i hide my back fat???? lol:))

here are a few dresses that have caught my eye for one reason or another

it's carrie bradshaw... of course i love it!!

this one is similar and a gorgeous at least to me

i got this from a fellow knottie a while back. she was using it for her TTD photo shot but i like how simple it is.

these are cute they are by watters.

project runaway -leanne gotta love


i have made appointments for this month so wish me luck. how was dress shopping for you? what did you enjoy and what didn't you enjoy about your experience. i officially am off to study. for real this time.


  1. I went straight to David's bridal to get mine because they were having a sale. It took me about 2 1/2 hours after trying on to decide. I didn't plan on leaving that place that day without a dress so it worked out. I wanted to feel like a pretty princess and I ended up with a strapless dress in my price range that made me feel that way.

  2. Like the Frugalista, I got my dress at David's and it was a "test dress" which meant it was only in 30 of their 300 stores! How much: $100!! It's tea length which is a bit different and I love it!