Friday, February 05, 2010

rehearsal dinner update

as you know i have been on the search for possible rehearsal dinner locations and with the help of my man of honor we found a place and a theme. of course i ran the idea by future hubby and he loved it. i was a little worried if my FMIL would go for it because it is not the typical and i wasn't sure if she wanted to cook and the such but she is on board with the plan !!! yea! i was so excited when FI gave me the news so we are having BEERS, BURGERS and BOWLING!! I LOVE IT! i think its fun and laid back!

we are planning to get BP shirts for everyone and now i am currently searching for the bargain deals on customed made t shirts for our BP to wear to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. this will make for some very cute photos and how i LOVE pics. i plan on designing the shirts for the bridal party. i want them to be funny but then i may put on of our monograms on the from and their title on the back. here are some funny ideas.

these are hilarious

my dad would love this t shirt!

here are some of my ideas for the rehearsal dinner

exhibit #1 invite

now i would do a ketchup bottle or something...

exhibit #2 centerpieces

now this isn't really my stee-lo (style) but you get the overall concept

i could use mason jars or empty condiment bottles

exhibit #3 cake

how cute is this!

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