Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do me a FAVOR?

We have been seriously thinking about favors for the wedding and of the umpteenth million...yes that is an exaggeration but as a former event planner I have attended a LOT of weddings. So I say all this to say there are always a few things that gets left behind or thrown in the trash and that is favors, flowers, and paper goods (i.e. programs, menu cards, etc) so because of that those things are on the bottom of my budget list. I digress. Back to favors so we collectively came up with inexpensive favor ideas. Our options were CHEAP or NOT @ ALL.

  • personalized shot glass - why? FI works as a bartender PT and that's where we met. Story here. and they can double as candles for those people who may not like that sort of thing, put a tea light in it a viola...

  • CDs-why. WE LOVE MUSIC!!! well we decided against b/c it time consuming and IMO overdone (no offense) but since I do this for clients all the time and already have the supplies we decided to put them in the OOT bags instead!

  • Picture framed (?) - why? I love pics we cut that idea

  • FOOD- why b/c people like to EAT!

So what is the VERDICT : can we say..... MILK & COOKIES (lol)

We are going to have a milk and cookie bar with a variety of different cookies and flavored milk options. Here where it gets better. At our venue you have to use their caterer which I didn't like at first but one less vendor to find/hire/book YAY and the menu we selected has an dessert so we sub'd the dessert for a plethora of cookies so now we don't have to add the cookies to the baker's bill. GREAT RIGHT!

I am going to have cookie sleeves/bags with our monogram for the guest to put them in....

What are your favors or are you even doing them?

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  1. I'm doing bookmarks!! A lot of people don't even read books anymore in favor of kindles but you can always put it on the fridge or stick it in a random book somewhere. It's nothing that will clutter anyones house. Cookies is a great idea!!