Friday, February 26, 2010

foolish florist

i booked our florist about 6 months ago and have been waiting to recieve an estimate. i know you thinking what took so long? and why did you book her without an estimate? the answer to the question is i know her. i have worked with her with other brides on numerous occasions and i love her work. she is very creative and i felt that she could bring my vision into a reality and b/c she is "budget friendly".....

today i finally recieve an estimate from her and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD ridculously TOO EXPENSIVE... I was astounded.....she must have bumped her dead of she thinks that I am paying what she proposed to me! I mean SERIOUSLY... I really even have flowers. so I say all this to say GAME ON for NEGOGIATIONS!!! I am I worried? NO I know that she will work with me and my budget that's why I chose her in the first place. I will definetly keep you posted!!

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  1. Negotiating is all a part of wedding planning. I am just wondering why or why would sh eover charge? Oh well time to check around.