Friday, February 26, 2010

pleasantly surprised!

As you all know I was pretty sad about not having my monograms for this weekend events. My BM and I are gettng together for a little dinner and wine. I wanted to work on some of the DIY projects but I needed my monograms to do so. {getting to the point now}Well fellow blogger Jeana from read my previous entry and gifted us some monograms!!!! YES I said GIFTED !!! She contacted me and offered her assistance and it was the sweetest things things that I have exprienced... Jeana I THANK-YOU and may you day and marriage be blessed! Anyway so we can use these to start the DIY's tomorrow and that is AWESOME!! Here are 2/3 monograms that Jeana made for us.

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  1. Wooot!!! You are so welcome, glad to do it! I hope you guys have fun. Blessings to you as well.