Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CALL ME 'trendy'!

there are a few trends that i am really digging right now. i don't know if they will make the final cut but they are ahead of the pack. ***if any of these pics are yours please let know know and i will gladly give full credit***

  • THE BIRDCAGE VEIL: ok so i own a few for the everyday and i wasn't going to wear a veil not really my speed but i am really loving them for the moment.

from etsy

  • ESTATE TABLES FOR RECEPTION: so over the past few years i have seen lots of reception setups and this is my favorite by far. why? you may ask because it is so family oriented and i love it. and my fav is the u-shaped style. we are definitely doing this.

this is my fav the u shaped! love's it!

  • BRIDESMAID DRESSES IN DIFFERENT COLOR/STYLES: so i like this a lot because #1 i want them to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful in there dresses and #2 it needs to be affordable so i have a plan i'm going to either pick out 7 or so dresses and let them choose which one or just give them guidelines: short/tea length, no shawls and long necklines for the necklaces. or i may just pick out everything none the less it will be alternating colors or styles.

really cute dresses. simple

what trends are you considering or did you use for your wedding? gotta go get that money to pay for this soiree.

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    Our reception venue could only accomodate our guests if we used the "celebrity" or "King James" style of seating.

    My girls are all of different shapes and sizes, so I also wanted them to feel confident.

    Have you decided what to do with your hair in the cage veil? If you need, I know of a great and affordable Ebay seller :)