Wednesday, June 03, 2009

On my mind

I am beginning to worry about the wedding. We have our date reserved at the prospective venue but we haven't signed the contract yet. I am waiting for the sales manager to revise the contract before we make the final decision. Essentially, we have narrowed it down to two venues. But we are waiting for contracts and estimates. We want wedding and reception at the same location but separate rooms. We have booked our photographer. Her name is Patty Hallman ( and she is great. We have booked our florist and designer. We have also our hotel block reserved. But we don't have the details completed. I really wanted a small wedding with no more than 100 people but my FI wanted more so we negotiated and decided on 175 people including the bridal party. We haven't decided on colors and I don't a "vision". I don't want to start dress shopping until December. I have not even starting looking at dresses yet for me or my girls. I am just one of those people who has to have a vision/theme or something so I am on the prowl. We are having a Fall wedding so I know that I want warm colors well sort of but not the typical and I am anti chocolate brown and FI wants to use it so maybe we will compromise. I know how I want the ceremony and reception to be set-up and decorated. I just don't have the feel for the over all day. I am a little frustrated because really this part was suppose to be easy.
In diet news I didn't start yesterday. But I am going to start today!

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  1. Frustration's the name of the game in the beginning, lol. I didn't have a vision when I first became engaged either. I've gone through several vision changes before deciding on one. It will come, and when it comes you'll know it, because it will be the first idea that you're really, genuinely excited about. Good luck!