Thursday, June 18, 2009

wedding cakes: i do or i don't

here is a question that i have been asking myself and FI, do we really want the traditional wedding cake? i have to admit at first i did not like the idea of cupcakes but it has really grown on me. so the next question is do I really want cupcakes? yikes! i don't know. but i do think that they are really cute. at this stage in the planning process i am leaning toward having them. its about 80/20 for cupcakes. i am also considering a pie buffet on a cupcake stand! at this point who knows. here are some pics of cake designs that i like: *disclaimer i have been collecting pics for awhile needless to say if pics are yours just post a comment and i will give proper credit*

Obviously I love peacocks!

I am in love with a very simple cake like this one with writing around the entire cake. We were considering a song lyric or poem verse. I love the simplicity of the design.


  1. wow - those are all gorgeous cakes! love how the peacock look is incorporated in a classy way : )

  2. Astonishing idea! I honestly loved these peacock wedding cakes and will definitely have a similar one for my sister on her wedding at one of well-known Los angeles wedding venues. She will love it as peacock is her favorite bird.