Monday, June 29, 2009

i think i got something here....

obviously i have been looking for inspiration for our wedding and i have found it in many places. we know what the design layout will be but we couldn't decide on the details i.e like colors etc. i just don't want to be locked into one thing i mean we shouldn't be in my opinion but at the same time i don't want it to be too far gone. these inspiration boards are similar with the exception of yellow in the 2nd one. i'm naming it 'rustic regal romance' why?

  • rustic-adj: of, pertaining to, or living in the country
  • regal-adj: stately; splendid, pertaining to a king
  • romance- noun: the colorful world, life;a romantic spirit, sentiment, emotion, or desire
here it is....

was it hard for you to pick colors for your wedding?

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