Tuesday, June 02, 2009

DIY Project #2: Complete Bridal Attendant Cards

So I just embarrassed myself on The Knot AAW board. I was trying to post pics in a post and they came out huge and I made the same post like six times. I tagged the moderator and asked her to delete them. If it could happen to anyone that person would be me. Anyway I am posting the pics for the DIY bridal attendant cards/gifts I actually like the guys better than the girls. No one knows we doing this at the party so I hope that they don't read this before Sun. I am going to post them any way. I still have to add the finishing touches i.e.the gift paper to the bags and the name labels for the guys.

The Women: BM

The Guys: GM, BM, Man of Honor, Ushers

The Hostesses

We are also giving out cookies to the kids who will be in our bridal party at the eParty as well. I will post the pics after I make them on Fri along with the favor bags. Almost ready. I still have not decided on an outfit. I must go shopping soon. Until tomorrow God willing.

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