Thursday, June 18, 2009

Venue Issues

Well yesterday I was in deep thought about our wedding venue options. We know that we want wedding and reception in the same location. We are in between 2 venues right now and making the decisions is not as easy as I expected it to be. But after speaking with my FI and our parents I think we made our decision. Moving right along.
So a few posts back (here) I was frustrated about not having a theme. I don't even have colors yet so one might ask Well what is your favorite color? and I answer all of them. I am a rainbow. I like all the colors. Prior to our engagement FI and I discussed when we would wed. Well after we got in engaged we starting discussing dates and there were 3 options Jan 2011, April 2010, and October 2010. So after weighing the pros and cons we decided on Oct (the month we met,his b-day and my power month) so I say all this to say that if we had decided on Jan I would have wanted classic black and white with a splash of color to accent. If we had went with April I would have wanted bright colors and my BM's would have all worn a different color dress and my guys sear suckle. Well October isn't that easy. I want Fall accents but not all fall colors. I want it to have a vintage yet modern feel. I want it to have southern accents b/c we are both born and bred in the DIRTY SOUTH! So I want to incorporate all those elements in the design for the wedding. I want the simplicity of Asian design elements with bold African colors and textures. And to put it simple THAT IS A LOT. I think that we can handle it. But it is a challenge what I will enjoy conquering.
So in the beginning I knew that I wanted the wedding colors to come from peacock feathers colors. I absolutely LOVEEEE peacock feathers. They are my favorite and I was going to use them as my inspiration for the wedding. Well I changed my mind. I plan on using a touch of it somewhere but I am undecided where. So now I am looking for something....I know when I found it. Wish me luck....

I found these inspiration boards on the Southern Bride Blog and they caught my eye!

I *HEART* yellow and would like to include it in our color palatte.
I also like how the juxaposed ring shot next to the stone ( rock). BEAUTIFUL

I pretty much love everything about this IB!

I love the the vintage feel of this board.
I am digging the birdcage veil. I used to wear them all the time now it's a trend. AMAZING.

I LOVE orange as well!

Here is the original inspiration board. My FI really likes this one! Decisions, Decisions!!!

In diet news: today I am completing my third day of the 9-day detox on the Smash Diet so far so good. I had to reschedule with the consultation with the trainer we are supposed to meet tomorrow. I will post how the session goes.

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