Wednesday, June 24, 2009

colors can't contain me

I can't believe this is not as easy as I thought it would be we have been enagaged for 5 months tomorrow and we still don't have a wedding vision/theme/blueprint. I realized that I was letting colors run my thoughts so now I will deviate and try something else. Since we are still browsing for a "wedding theme/vision" and I am so overwhelmed because I am ready to get knee deep into planning this glorious affair! I found some inspiration over at The-Broke-Ass-Bride. Dana is a genius. I love her energy and I don't personally even know her. Blogs are amazing. So we are having a Fall wedding and I want hints of the season but I don't want traditional fall colors so when I say hints I mean tree branches i.e curly willow, feathers, river rocks. Very earthy arrangements not so much flowers I only really like 3 flowers: orchids, sunflower ( like spider mums and gerber daisies as well) and peonies. I love the smell of japenese peonies ( I digress). I will have a few flowers fused in the arrangements but you get the picture. To contrast, I want bold bright colors. I want it to be fun and romantic and memorable to all involved. I am trying to search for words that say what I am trying to convey. Here are some "themes" that have my attention. Maybe an 'enchanted forest' or 'reigning rainforest' or 'regal romance' or 'afro-asian fusion' or 'morrocan themed' or 'southern elegance'. So many possiblites. I am going to go to our prospective venue and look for inspiration there sometime this week. A few inspiration boards that were eye catching (these came from EAD, Weddingbee, and TBAB) :

This is really different not for me but I can apperciate it

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