Monday, June 29, 2009

i have colors and a "theme" now what???

i have made yet another inspiration board with some of the same pics and i really like it. it is starting to grow on me. i found this cool little tool on david's that excited me. most of you may already know about the dress you wedding tool that they have were you can just customize your entire bridal party with different attire and shoes etc. i found it extremely helpful because i couldn't find any pics of what I have been envisioning. the colors are a little limiting but if your using david's it's perfect.

here is what i made its very blurry and the colors/dress styles are not exact and but you get the feel for my vision for my BMs.
i used purses not flowers because they didn't have the type of bouquets that i plan on using and i wanted to show the color. the two right hand side are supposed to be in the burnt orange/copper color dress with alternating shoe colors in purple and green that's option 1 OR option 2 is to alternate the dress colors either purple or copper and alternating shoes as well. i hope this makes sense. overall i am happy with the colors thus far.
i am so pretty sure that i'm going to let each girl choose a dress with color and style guidelines but that is still undecided but i like the way it looks when its done. i will post pics of this in my next post about trends that i like...until then friends (i only have 2 followers but you are my 2 friends :) i think we are ready for our monograms....
so which do you like? what trends are you using in your wedding?

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